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Here you’ll find some videos of our gigs, some with actual video and some gigs are audio only. We have on here some videos from milo, along with  Gordy’s  radio series “45 sunshine crescent” (audio only) with more to come! please share them to the world if you really like them

sit back , relax and enjoy our creativeness.

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Live from The Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre Nowra (audio only) 2014

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2015

Video clip from Soulhaven -Song. Mars


This is an original video with the Drewsterz in the Sims 4 video game,
see if you can work out who is who!

Videos from milo

Milos loves simulation based video games and for christmas 2014 he got a gift voucher for half an hour in a full sized 737-800 Boeing simulator ! A take off and landing at Dubai airport!   not much in audio but its still great to watch!


Milo and birds jamin