Even though “The Drewsterz” have only had a short history so far,
The guys (before “The Drewsterz”) have had a history in music and things locally.
Gordon McDonald has done a lot of theatre with a local church and writes poetry .
Jason W Ramsay (Milo) also hosts a radio program on Triple U FM on Friday nights from 7pm called “Mixedbag With Milo” a request show! and also played guitar at the same church as Gordon where they originally met. Both have done various music with other people and groups thought the community

In the past (As Soulhaven) they have even played at Sonfest and numerous events for the homeless in Sydney.

Soulhaven was formed in the late 90’s with Gordon McDonald on vocals

Robert Trindal on bass, Neil Van Mastright on keyboards and Gill Van Mastright on drums

and Jason W Ramsay on guitar (also known as Milo)

They also released an album “Dead On Arrival
Soulhaven’s “Dead On Arrival” Album