Jason Milo Ramsay

Jason (Milo) Ramsay

G’day ! I’m Jason  W Ramsay but my friends call me Milo!

” you gotta be made of milo!”

I grew up in Gerroa NSW then later in my teens we moved to a property in Berry NSW and we had the old school house Wattamolla !


Even then I was really into music,having friends over for the weekends when my folks were away and jamming in our shed and having our amps up to 10! , no neighbors most of the time.

milo live on air

milo live on air


Not only that  since 1985  (off and on) been hosting a radio show on Triple U  FM . Currently hosting mixedbag with Milo 7pm friday nights .




Hot in the city

Live at the Gong!


I just love music, I have seen acdc live, Elton John, The monkeys ( half of them ! ) George Thorogood Jimmy Barnes many Joe Satriani concerts and recently my favorite Billy Idol !



And I have started in the last 2 years getting into playing acoustic guitar after many many with the electric guitar and teaching myself bass and I’m enjoying it immensely..

Gordy is a word master and can write lyrics that can make you laugh, smile and cry all at the same time! this has been so much fun with him so far and cant wait to see how we go this year!

Computers are a love hate thing for me, some times I really love them and some times I really hate them!

I am a geek for sure, love flight simulation games and even went and did a 737 flight sim experience last year  with a real 737 simulator! most of my games are simulation based

Milo at the controls

Taking the controls of a 737 flight simulator experience











Apart from my love of music I really love animals, had a cannery for 16 years and a border collie for about 10 years, now with my little angel Buddy she loves listening to music and to the radio..

fly fly fly Buddy!

my little angle Buddy!

I hope to keep my passions going as long as I can.. thanks for reading my blurb