Hi my name is Gordy….Gordon McDonald.The other half of “the Drewsterz”.

Captain Gordy at the Helm

Captain Gordy at the Helm


Love the written word but I’m lazy when it comes to punctuation so cut me some slack please!
Started writing in high school and have been ever since and found it easy to be honest with a blank piece of paper but as I’ve gotten older humans as well, you do get a lot more comfortable in your own skin as time goes on in life…



So Milo aka Jason, lets me write the lyrics for our songs..

love on stage

Gordy live


I’ve had a couple of poems and short stories published in tracks the surfing magazine in the eighties which made no money for the work involved but I remember getting $30 for a poem and $60 for a short story but I was on the dole and anything was good,more beer yeah!!…

Been involved in theatre, with puppets, clowns and just straight theatre also written the odd musical for church as well. I’d consider myself political and interested in how the world’s heading,I read and digest news both here and overseas.I think it’s important to know what’s going on Albeit through the slant sometimes of the Murdoch empire..

I became a christian in 1986 and still consider myself one though I don’t go to church at the moment,very saddened at the way church and I mean most denominations have covered up stuff over the years and it’s my issue,but I consider pedophilia and any abuse as the worst of crimes and to cover it up and protect the predators that do it and at the same time call yourself gods ambassador on earth just madness and criminal.The strength of a society and culture is measured by how well it protects its children and in a lot of cases we have failed to do that the sentences should be a lot tougher for crimes against kids. I will say churches do a lot of good too and the people are good as there are good people in all walks of life..the love of money has also crept into some churches as well over the years and distracted their focus…..

I don’t do Facebook, twitter or instagram, prefer my life private, sometimes this annoys my friends but tough they still love me I think! what sums it up for me was one day looking at 4 people doing lunch and all on their phones instead of talking to each other. I know there are good points to social media but generally I’m it’s number one enemy and always will be….I love this life I’ve been granted and very grateful for every day I have.

As far as politics goes I hold the highest regard for the office of prime-minister and anyone who gives their life for serving the community…there is a lack of vision in politics today ,someone to paint the picture of where we want to be in 10 years time and not just coping with crises and internal divisions and we struggle through the lack of strong leadership and the Australian political scene is fairly devoid of inspiration. The gulf between the haves and have-nots is becoming greater and if it becomes too great one day the have-nots will realize they can just take it by force anyway oohhh be careful Gordy that be revolution.!  Don’t screw the little guy he will arc up ..

The poets that inspire me were T.S Elliot, Dylan Thomas,Coleridge, Ginsberg, Les Murray. Some of the world war one poets whose names escape me,Sylvia Plapth etc.

The song writers who inspire me are Dylan Cat Stevens Neil Young Lennon Bowie, The Doors, Pink floyd, Leonard Cohen, Jewell, Tracy Chapman, Kd Lang, Michael Rosenberg, Ed Shearan and Roderiguez.

14 years ago Milo and i were in a band called"Dead on Arrival Soulhaven" “Soulhaven” and we put an album out before our friend and bass player Rob Trindall contracted Leukemia and passed away.We called it a day not long after but the album titled “Dead On Arrival” still goes on. Some songs on it I’m very proud of and some I cringe at!

But I’m glad we did it and it’s great to be back with Milo makin music again.We will put up some links on this site to some creative endeavours we’ve been involved in over the years and I will leave you with a quote that I was lead to by an article on Clare Bowdich by Roosevelt.”It’s not the critic who counts…not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles…or where the doer of deeds could have done them better..the credit belongs to the man (or woman) who is actually in the arena…whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood….who strives valiantly..his (or hers) place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory or defeat”….cheers..Gordy


Here are some of Gordy’s other projects

This is a song called jolly green grub that i did with my friend Geoff White, Poddy…the butchers’ son from Sussex inlet…this single went straight to fibro on the local charts. We were in a band called “six dirty minstrels” we lasted about 6 months….before we split because of “creative differences” Geoff has control issues……just a joke…check his music out (Geoff white) cheers guys…Gordy

Gordy’s radio serials are on our you tube video page please go watch them 
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