45 Sunshine Crescent


Gordy has been over the last few years working on various projects and one of them is 45 Sunshine Crescent, short audio stories and now there is the first ever fully animated story from the 45 Sunshine Cresent Library !


Welcome to the second series of “45 sunshine crescent”, back by popular demand not quite going viral yet, more of a slow fungal growth underneath the toe nails.That didn’t stop Fredericko my local fruiterer exclaiming…Gordy and Sargeo are “funny guys when they’re asleep” . in this series Capt Pinky explores relationships with the fairer sex..some are already calling him the Doctor Phil of Piracy, while Lemon Tart Man and really Kool Kat again save a world that doesn’t want saving

45 Sunshine Crescent (an animated story) – Fishbreath and Furball



45 Sunshine Crescent:  (C) Copyright 2017 by Gordy and Sarge

Gordy’s youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ7Id2Db4x1D1lhQfO3px1w

Animation :  by Curtis Agnew and Kynan St Leon-Wharfe 

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